Dr. Green and his wonderful staff have helped our family tremendously!  Dr. Green’s compassion, understanding and love for children on the autism spectrum is amazing!  As a parent, I am always blown away by his ability to be so “in tune” with my children.  He understands the special circumstances that surround their bodies in a way that I’ve never seen from any other doctor.   He views each child holistically.  He understands that there is more to medicine than mere medicine itself.  He looks at my children with a wide lens that takes in all that they encounter – environment, food, play, emotions, etc. His care and love for our whole family comes through during every appointment.  It is so clear to me that he only wants healing and recovery for us.  He takes the time at every appointment.  We never feel rushed.  We always feel important to him.  Dr. Green has this amazing ability to work with our family as a team.  He answers questions thoroughly.  And, just as importantly, he cares what my whole family (including my son) has to contribute to each appointment.  He asks the right questions and takes the time to truly listen and consider the answers.  Then, and only then, do we discuss our next moves in terms of our child’s treatment plan.  Dr. Green is very accessible through supplemental phone consultations and emails as well.  We have seen amazing strides with our son since we first began seeing Dr. Green in 2007.  We have come to a point where our son may no longer be diagnosed on the spectrum.  We know that we could never have done it without his amazing expertise and his ability to apply his knowledge specifically to our son.   Dr. Green truly understands and embraces the fact that each child on the autism spectrum is an individual with individual triggers, needs and solutions.  Dr. Green has helped over 2000 children on the autism spectrum and he is able to use that tremendous amount of experience to fine tune treatment options specific to each child.  And, all the while, doing it with love, compassion and grace.  Our family loves Dr. Green and we know we couldn’t have come all this way without him.   Dr. Green is not just a doctor, but a healer – and a tremendous man.

The Hall Family

Seattle, WA