New Patients


If you are the parent of a child who is struggling with autism or related issues, or if you are a  interested in becoming pregnant or already pregnant, we are here to help!

We are grateful for your interest in our practice, and especially for the honor to serve the dedicated families who come to work with us. Dr. Green sees patients in our Spokane, WA and Oregon City, OR offices, in Poland twice a year and in Kailua, Hawaii once a year.  In addition, he maintains a robust email, video-conference (Zoom) and phone consultation practice.

We recognize that not every family is able to travel to one of our offices, especially if you live outside of the United States. and that families are in desperate need of help and guidance from a trusted mentor. While it is best to see Dr. Green in person, we are happy to work with you long distance via email, video-conference and telephone.

Please review our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section to obtain answers to commonly asked questions and feel free to call or email the office at if you have any questions. In particular, please write to us if you are concerned that we are a good fit for your child and include:

1) Your child’s name, age and diagnosis (if any).
2)  What interventions (if any) that you have tried in the past- which if any, have been helpful, and which have not. Please include diet, supplements, therapies and medical interventions.
3)  Your greatest concerns regarding your child.
4)  Your goals for working with Dr. Green.
5)  Your contact information.

Click here to REGISTER AS A NEW PATIENT  and fill out our New Patient forms in the Questionnaire section.  Once you have completed your registration and forms, please call our office (503-722-4270) to schedule your first appointment.  Please note that our online scheduling tool does not work for new patient appointments.

Upon scheduling, you will be asked to make a $100 deposit made with a valid major credit card. If you’re unable to keep your appointment, please call or email us at least 72 hours in advance. No charge will be made to your card unless you miss your appointment (“No show”) or cancel with less than 72 hours notice.

We look forward to serving you!