Polly M Green LMSW

Polly M. Green, LMSW

October-2011-365 I grew up in Spokane, Washington then went off to the east coast to study biology at Williams College. At that time, my favorite class was environmental chemistry, where learned about the devastating effects of toxins on humans and the environment. My career path has been a winding road, including a Masters in Social Work from the University of Michigan with concentrations in family systems therapy and interpersonal therapy and training at the School for Conscious Healing and the Jaffe Institute for Medical and Spiritual Healing. For many years, I served as a hospice social worker and now my passion is for helping children and families navigate the epidemic of environmental illnesses that are plaguing the developed world.

Throughout my life, I have had passion for healthy food and for children. I strongly believe in the power of food to heal and love supporting families in this regard. My greatest teachers are my children and step-children. May our grandchildren and great grandchildren thrive in a less toxic world.