Obtaining Lab Results

Many lab reports take 4-6 weeks to get back. Once we receive your lab results, they go to Dr Green for review. We cannot send them out until Dr. Green has reviewed them.

If there are abnormal findings, we will contact you as soon as possible to schedule an appointment and/or communicate treatment suggestions. If the lab results are normal, we will hold them to discuss at your next visit. If this poses a hardship to you, or you need to share your results with another physician, please send us an email explaining your need and we will get them to you.

If you have a phone appointment scheduled with Dr. Green, we will send the lab results to you prior to your appointment, for your review.

If you are wondering whether or not your lab has been completed, please contact the lab directly.

Please do not telephone the office to request that lab results be sent to you or read over the phone, as the volume of requests has become overwhelming and difficult for the staff to accommodate.

Alletess: 800-225-5404
Diagnostech: 800-878-3787
Doctor’s Data: 800-323-2784
Entero Lab: 972-686-6869
Genovoa Lab 800-522-4762
Great Plains Lab: 913-341-8949
Health Diagnostics: 732-721-1234
Hemex: (800) 444-9111
Immunosciences Lab: (310) 657-1077
Igenex: 800-832-3200
Lab Corp: 800-762-4344
Labrix: 503-656-9596
Meridian Valley Clinical Lab: 855-405-8378
Metametrix: 800-221-4640
Neuro Immuno: 866-651-0250
PAML : 800-541-7891
Quest Diagnostics: 800-222-7941
Spectracell: 800-227-5227