• Prenatal vitamins and autism: is folic acid supplementation a risk factor for autism?


    A recent study by Johns Hopkins researchers, not peer-reviewed, and not yet published, found that children born to moms  with high

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  • Roundup In Vaccines


    Roundup in vaccines, what’s next?  You have likely heard of the recent discovery that there are measurable amounts (up to 3

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  • Anatomy of an Epidemic- thoughts on a most important book


    I want to talk about a most important book:  Anatomy of an Epidemic, by Robert Whitaker.   This book is vital to: 

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Raising a child has gotten much more complicated in recent years as levels of autism spectrum disorders, allergies and food sensitivities, ADHD, autoimmune and other disorders have skyrocketed. It is our mission at ChildrenAndAutism.com, the website of John A. Green III MD and The EverGreen Center to help parents bring health and balance to their children regardless of geographical location. We want your child to thrive!   We believe that autism is not a disease, yet instead a disturbance in the balance needed for normal development.  This balance can be restored. Children are children, not objects for study.  Effective treatments start and end with the individual child. In the site, you will learn how to begin helping your child today through nutrition and supplementation and also, of the option of working directly with Dr. Green in our clinics in Oregon City, Oregon and Spokane, Washington.